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Guiding Us Forward, Together

Our family came together in July of 2021, when Montebello Jewish Center and Nanuet Hebrew Center consolidated to become Congregation Shir Shalom. Since then, led by our Outreach and Engagement Committee, we have forged a new path driven by our mission, with its words and spirit shaped by the ideas, hopes, and aspirations of our Shir Shalom family.

Our Mission

To create a sacred spiritual home where modern Jews inspired by tradition can find an unconditional sense of family.

Creating a sacred spiritual home means that Congregation Shir Shalom is your place of belonging for Jewish ritual, engagement, and worship. We gather for Shabbat, for festivals and holidays, to celebrate simchas, and to lift up those in our family experiencing moments of loss, challenge, or sadness.

To be modern Jews inspired by tradition means we believe that the teachings, observances, and values of our rich heritage have a meaningful place in and elevate our lives today.

An unconditional sense of family means that you belong the moment you walk through the door. We celebrate all individuals in a culture that embraces diversity. We take pride in getting to know you and helping you find a place within this sacred community that adds joy and depth to your life.

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