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Members of our choir enhance congregational worship experiences while adding depth and meaning to how they engage with their Shir Shalom family. If you love to sing, can carry a tune, and enjoy connecting with others over your shared passion for music, we’d love to have you!


Who can join?

Our Choir is open to everyone who is a Shir Shalom affiliate. All voice types (soprano, alto, tenor, bass) are welcome as well!

Is any experience necessary?

No! If you can carry a tune, you’re in. No worries if you don’t read music or have no previous choir experience.

What’s the time commitment?

Rehearsals are every Thursday evening at 8:00pm in the synagogue.

What about health and safety precautions? 

When applicable, we follow all recommended protocols - COVID or otherwise - to help ensure the safety of our choir members.

Get Involved

To join or to learn more, leave a message for our choir director, Mirel Verhoeff, via the synagogue office (845-708-9181 or

Check back soon for more dates.

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Shir Shalom Choir

Music elevates the soul of our community - add your voice to our choir and let your love of singing lift up our Shir Shalom family.

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