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Dive into novels spanning genres and themes in a group that shares your passion for literature and learning. Members offer their perspectives and broaden their horizons through thoughtful discussion and, every so often, an affable debate.

The Book Club's list of novels is released each May for the coming year. We’re sure you can find at least one book on the list that you just can’t wait to read! The group typically meets on Monday afternoons (via Zoom) about once a month - check the event feed below for upcoming dates, books, and other details.

Have any questions? Please feel free to reach out to the Shir Shalom office via phone (845-708-9181) or email (

Check back soon for more dates.

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Book Club

Our Book Club encourages a sense of community through a love of literature in a positive, nurturing environment - discover your next favorite book or author while making new friends and exploring new ideas.

Book Club
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