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Shir Shalom Shindig was Awesome!

Jun 5, 2023

This past Sunday's "Shindig" was an awesome success with 100 members of our Shir Shalom family and friends coming together for a wonderful afternoon of music, fun, games, and Texas Style BBQ. The celebration started with a marvelous concert featuring our Shir Shalom Choir, and included the honoring of our immediate past presidents, Gail Kaiser and Jeff Schragenheim as well as Eva and Gregg Brunwasser, who were recipients of our prestigious Stanley Blumenthal Community Service Award.

All generations of our congregation family were represented - starting with 3-months of age -and also present were four generations of one of our Shir Shalom families! We thank our Programming Committee for their tremendous job, along with everyone else who helped coordinate and participate in this event.

Missed it or want to relive some of the fun? Check these event photos and a video of the Choir Concert.


Special thanks to Mirel Verhoeff our Choir Director and keyboardist, and Cantor Kanarek who, in addition to being a part of the choir, supported the group and our Makom religious school students on guitar for several numbers. Thanks also to Joseph Schachner for providing the video, and to Mindy Sayer for providing many of the photos.

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