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Nelofar Sorosh - A Happy Sequel

Apr 21, 2023

Many of you attended our recent Refugee Shabbat at Shir Shalom and heard the fascinating story Nelofar Sorosh, an Afghan refugee, shared. How her pro-democracy family suffered at the hands of the Taliban and through miraculous circumstances she was able to safely arrive in the United States.   

Recently, her large family was able to escape as well. They have been able to settle with her in Valley Cottage and as with any newly arrived refugee family, they need help in adjusting to a new life, a new culture and meeting their basic needs.

Several of you, when we met Nelofar back in February expressed a personal interest, and inquired what we, as a community could do to assist her and her family. We are now in a position to ask for your assistance.

Their biggest needs at this time are:

Offering assistance in driving them to the market, laundromat, and other local facilities.
Helping them learn English and better understand American Culture.
Helping them understand financial budgeting and setting up accounts.

Our Social Outreach Committee is reaching out to you, our fellow congregants, to ask that you consider volunteering. Even if it is once a week, once in a while, or even just once, when you volunteer you are performing a beautiful Mitzvah in helping the stranger.

If you are available to assist, or would like more information, all you need to do is contact Brian C. Hoza of "Hearts and Homes for Refugees" at


With many thanks in advance,

The Social Outreach Committee

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