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Israel Music Festival Terror Attack Survivors Share Their Oct. 7th Experience

May 19, 2024

Two survivors of the Oct. 7th terror attack at a music festival in Israel spoke in New City on May 19th to recount what they experienced that fateful day.

Shira Cohen, 28, and Eden Shmuel, 32, are sharing their experiences of fear and survival at the Nova Music Festival with audiences across the United States.

The two survivors, who are also best friends, spoke before an audience of 300 people at the Congregation Shir Shalom for an evening called "A Nova Survival Story."

"Out of nowhere, we saw the sky light up," Cohen recalled. "We were sure it's fireworks, but we realized it's actually rockets."

"One person was running toward, and he was shouting at us, 'Run away now! The terrorists are here! Run away!' and that was the first time that we realized that something really, really big [was] happening around us," Shmuel recounted.

Cohen and Shmuel also recounted hiding in a bomb shelter before they were driven away to safety by another festival attendee.

Please click here to donate to the "Beginning to Live Again" fundraiser for the rehabilitation survivors of the October 7th Nova Music Festival in Israel

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