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Golda's Balcony on Oct 15 - save the date!

Aug 17, 2023

Join us Sunday October 15 at 2pm for Golda's Balcony - a powerful one-woman play written by William Gibson exploring the life of Golda Meir featuring award-winning actress Sandra Laub as Israel's 4th Prime Minister.

Just check out this review from a past performance...

"Sandra Laub exudes power in a masterful and spellbinding solo performance as Golda Meir... The play succeeds on Laub’s expertly paced virtuoso performance, which was received by the appreciative opening-night audience with a standing ovation. Laub presents a multifaceted personality full of contradiction, brimming with energy and emanating authority, but also weary from the weight of the burdens she has chosen to bear."

This is a story for all ages, an opportunity to carry a legacy across generations. We are thrilled to welcome Ms. Laub for what will surely be a meaningful, emotional, and inspiring time together. See you October 15!

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