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A Message From Rabbi Kurland

Oct 8, 2023

The “holiday” of Shemini Atzeret & Simchat Torah has ended. I used quotation marks because the celebrations were tainted by the horrific news out of Israel .

I told my Congregation Shir Shalom that while we may feel less in the mood to celebrate, we needed to do so for those who couldn’t. So many of our friends & relatives in the Holy Land were staying safe. Synagogue attendance was not an option .

I have always prayed for peace & understanding. And there are many - both Moslems & Jews - who do the same within Israel. Sadly there are those who have never cared about peace. Their goal is to drive the Jews into the Sea & do little to take care of their own people.

There are so many lies & distortions that lead to hatred & enormous misunderstanding. Hamas is not a peace partner for they only desire the death of the Jews.

Their attacks can most definitely be defined as Nazi tactics. These vicious terrorists went house to house, brutally executing women, children & the elderly in front of their relatives, while dragging many others back to Gaza with them as hostages.

Hamas committed heinous crimes. The have always used their own women & children as human shields so that they can manipulate the media into thinking Israelis are the evil ones.

I can’t comprehend how anyone can mercilessly kill young children in front of their parents or, with no consciences, shoot the elderly.

I will forever strive for peace. But for now, I am more concerned about Israel finding a true peace partner in the Arab world.

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